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APPLY to UWC via the UWC National Committee of Canada
The UWC National Committee of Canada welcomes applications from students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.   This application form is for all UWC schools and colleges, including Pearson College, if you are a Canadian or resident of Canada. You may complete the application in either French or English.

To begin your application, please click the 
Sign Up button to the right under "Need An Account?".  Make sure your password includes at least one capital, one number and one special character.

If you have questions about eligibility or applying that aren’t answered here, please contact us by email. If you have particular questions about applying from Quebec, you can contact

It is important that students themselves be motivated about UWC and complete the application individually. UWC's educational philosophy is strongly rooted in independent learning and we encourage students to reach out directly to us on matters concerning their application, nomination, and UWC education. Attending UWC requires maturity, resilience, and independence. The application process is a great way to start demonstrating those qualities.

Applications for entry in 2021 (January 2022 for UWC Waterford Kamhlaba) are open from August 15th 2020 until midnight (Pacific time) on November 30th 2020.

For more information about applying, selections, and nominations, check out